Deception Salsa Captures Nine Major Awards in Texas, New Orleans and New Mexico

“Sweet Then Heat™” Wins Palates of Demanding Judges at Major Competitions in Fall 2013


Crofton, MD, November 12, 2013 – Deception Salsa™, one of America’s fastest growing salsa companies distinguished by its one-of-a-kind “sweet-then-heat” flavor profile, today announced that it has received nine major awards from competitive salsa contests in the salsa capitals of Texas, New Orleans and New Mexico.


Specifically, at the Houston Hot Sauce Expo in September, Deception Salsa received four major awards, notably top spot for “Best Black Bean and Corn” and “Grand Champion” for the company’s best-selling “Entice” salsa.  At the same competition, Deception was also awarded second place for “Insanity” – the company’s “hot” salsa – and third prize for its “Tease” product – a delightful, medium, traditional salsa.


In New Orleans, at the Chili Pepper Magazine Awards, Deception took first place in the “mild/medium” category for “Tease” and second place with “Entice” for “Black Bean and Corn.”


Finally, at the Scovie Awards in New Mexico – an international competition encompassing 39 states and seven countries – Deception earned three prominent awards.  Topping the list was a hard-fought second place honor for its Insanity product in the “hot salsa” category.  The company also received a second place nod for its website – and third place for the company’s eye-catching logo.


These rapid-fire kudos for Deception come at a time as salsa continues to extend its lead as America’s best-selling condiment.  Deception Salsa further distinguishes itself from the pack with its wonderfully unique, all-natural, fresh ingredients and a sophisticated yet approachable flavor range that begins sweet and then turns on the heat.


In making today’s announcement, Deception Salsa co-founders Chad Houck and Troy Wadzink stated, “We are honored that a group of demanding, independent judges evaluating the top products in the world of salsa have singled out Deception Salsa for its refreshing and crowd-pleasing range of flavors.”


About Deception Salsa


Deception Salsa™, GMO-free and gluten-free, was born from a secret family recipe. As thousands of fans nationwide can attest, it starts on the sweet side and then shifts gears to the heat.  Hence its name, “Deception” and its tagline: “Sweet then Heat.™” Deception Salsa exclusively uses fresh peppers and does not use any frozen items or additives.  What’s more, no salt or water is used in it’s ingredients. Deception Salsa comes in five unique flavors– ranging from mild to wild – ideal for all palates.  These include: 1. Girly Girl (mild), 2. Entice (medium black bean and corn), 3. Tease (medium-hot signature salsa), 4. Insanity (hot), and 5. I Dare You (wickedly hot). Its products are available for purchase nationwide at: as well as in a growing network of retail stores.   

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