Deception Salsa - I Dare You - Wickedly Hot Salsa

If you are a bit crazy and think the Insanity isn’t hot enough – here’s a product made just for you. We call it I Dare You. If you are strong enough, you might be able to handle this extremely hot creation made with Ghost Peppers, Habaneros, Red Cherry Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers along with Serrano and Thai Chilies. This one is much less sweet and goes straight to the OMG it’s HOT phase. So man up, or just take it to a party and watch the look on people’s faces as they taste this wickedly hot salsa!

Awards Earned

2016 World Hot Sauce Awards: 2nd Place, Xtra Hot Salsa

2017 Hot Pepper Awards: 3rd Place, Salsa
2017 Hot Pepper Awards: 1st Place, Extra Hot Condiment