Deception Salsa - Insanity - Hot Tomato Salsa

True to its name, our hot salsa is one that will drive you crazy. This fiery creation uses the same tomato base as our Tease salsa, but gets added kick from Serrano Chilies and Hot Thai Chilies. These chilies give a great finish to this spicy blend that has a sharper taste on the tongue. This one is not for the faint of heart as it really packs a punch. If you like it hot, then go for Insanity.

Awards Earned

2013 Houston Hot Sauce Expo: 2nd Place, Traditional Salsa

2014 Scovie Awards: 2nd Place, Hot Salsa
2014 Chile Pepper Awards: 3rd Place, Hot/Xtra Hot Salsa

2016 Scovie Awards: 3rd Place, X Hot Salsa

2017 Hot Pepper Awards: 2nd Place, Salsa
2017 World Hot Sauce Awards: World Champion, Hot Salsa & Salsa Divisional Champion – The Best Salsa in the World!