Oink Spicy Bacon Salsa

Oink is our specialty salsa made with 12% Applewood Smoked Bacon. This spicy salsa is a strong-medium heat that starts just a little sweet, goes straight to that smoky bacon and then comes the heat. Made with Red Cherry Peppers, Jalapeno, Habanero and Serrano peppers, this salsa is great on chips, but it’s even better to cook with. Mix this in with raw, ground beef and make a Bacon Salsa Cheeseburger that will change your life!

Due to a change in labeling requirements by the USDA, we have had to resubmit our label for approval. As soon as we get the approval back, we will move directly back into production and the regular 12oz jar will be available. In the meantime, you can order Oink in our 16oz Mason Jar Mug!

Awards Earned

2015 Chile Pepper Awards: Best Specialty Salsa
2015 Weekend of Fire: Best Salsa

2016 Zestfest: People’s Choice, Best Salsa
2016 Screamin’ Mimi Awards: 3rd Place, Salsa

2017 Hot Pepper Awards: 2nd Place, Salsa
2017 Hot Pepper Awards: 1st Place, Unique Salsa